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It has long been suggested that the world is split into two kinds of people – givers and takers; “Mashpi’im u’mekablim”. I think this truth comes to the fore particularly in the area of Torah study, especially with regard to matters of “hashkafa”.

There are those who feel comfortable wading into the vast ocean of opinions and discovering the path of theological context and content unique to their own souls to then transmit their vision to others.

And there are those who, for one reason or another, feel as if they must be taught, led, and nurtured by others; those willing to sit at the feet of bold minds old or young, notebook and pen at the ready to record another’s thoughts with yearning eyes brimming with anticipation.

Most people are impressed by the “mashpia”. What grandeur in the ability to deliver masterful teachings! What glory in confidence and the clarity necessary to transmit a viable path of existence in this world! “Eizeh kavod l’hiyot manhig”, how wonderful it must be to lead others toward completion and deliver life-changing insights to thirsty souls!

Not I.

I remain ever in awe of the sincerity and the humility of the “mekablim”; those honest enough to remain cognizant of the ever-present lack built into the very core of the human condition, those with the strength to remain silent, to listen, to value words uttered by fellow men. The excitement of those Jews who seek not honor and recognition for themselves but only the words of the Living God which flow through the open channel of their willingness to honor others and recognize (and respect) an empty cavity within the soul that longs for completion.

May Hashem bless the “mashpi’im” with an infusion of the spirit of the “mekablim”.

May Hashem bless the “mekablim” with the awareness of the awesome lessons they are uniquely positioned to disclose.

“V’taheir libeinu l’avdecha b’emes.”

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R’ Yaakov Klein is the founder of the Lost Princess Initiative, an author, musician, and lecturer devoted to sharing the inner light of Torah through his books, music, and lectures.

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