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“Set and Setting”: Preparing Ourselves for a Transformative Purim Experience

By Yaakov Klein | March 2, 2023 |

Hi. I have always found Purim to be an incredibly “noisy” day. It’s so easy to become distracted by everything…

Hakitzu VeRanenu #23a: “Then, Our Mouths will Fill with Laughter”

By Rav Reuven Sasson | July 24, 2022 |

Joy is perhaps one of the most sought-after necessities in our generation. It, too, finds its full revelation specifically in…

Hakitzu VeRanenu #22: The Realization of the Individual and the Light of the National Collective

By Rav Reuven Sasson | June 19, 2022 |

The movement in our generation to seek personal enlightenment and individual spiritual fulfillment is similarly not to be seen as…

Lives We've Changed

The Lost Princess Initiative (LPI) has brought so much meaning to my life. As a religious young adult I am still finding my path in life, and LPI has helped so much in the process. Not to mention that R' Yaakov is always encouraging others to grow and learn the depths of the Torah. Also, as I am paving my path in life I felt a little lost with my hashkafa and beliefs but once I discovered LPI I found what I was looking for. With so much depth and so much hard work, LPI is helping our generation to connect to Judaism in an emes-truthful way as it unlocks the excitement and richness of Judaism that was lost along the centuries. I can't describe how thankful I am for R' Yaakov Klein and all the hard work he puts into this initiative. I can only pray and wish that others will find this rare gem and cherish it as it feels like home to me.

Debby M.

Beit Shemesh, Israel

As a 'regular mainstream yeshiva boy in the system', as much as I was shtieging and growing it still felt like something was missing, a small void that I was never able to fill. One day a friend recommended that I listen to a shuir by R' Yaakov and I was hooked. The way it spoke to me and my neshama, I finally felt like this void might finally be filled. This led me to discovering LPI and it was completely life changing. The light of the tzaddikim has refreshed my perspective of Yiddishkeit in a much deeper way - a way our neshamos are thirsting for. May Hashem give you koach to keep spreading the light to all the people who need it!

Pinny B.

Far Rockaway, New York

The Lost Princess Initiative is taking the loftiest spiritual concepts, words of the tzaddikim that I did not believe I had the desire or ability to learn and contemplate, and is presenting these teachings in a beautiful way that is easily understood. LPI is succeeding in revolutionizing the way Jews experience Judaism, teaching them how to connect with Hashem, their fellow Jews, and themselves.

Kyle Z.


In the digital age, content is king. The Lost Princess Initiative’s daily content of pictures/graphics, short videos from inspirational speakers, audio clips, and full classes reminds me constantly who is the true KING really is! LPI helps to inspire me constantly and keep me focused on what’s really important in life.

Neil H.

I just wanted to send a message to say how much I have enjoyed, gained, and been inspired and uplifted through your initiative. Baruch Hashem, as a baalas teshuva of over 8 years with a Chassidish soul, it can something be hard to find those sources of light that really speak to the kishkes. Now, the Torah I have looked at so longingly is finally easily accessible - thanks to you!

Gemma F.

London, UK

LPI is the perfect fusion between love, light, and awe-inspiring energy. It combines the greatest divrei Torah from all over and explains them in a simplistic, yet shining and motivating manner. In a single quote, Reb Yaakov has the ability to summarize a huge yesod of a tzaddik and convert it into real-life terms which change one's view of the mitzvos and the effect they have on the world, and most importantly, allows us to find ourselves being held by and attached to the Noten HaTorah, Hashem himself. LPI is reanimating the overarching purpose of our creation - to connect to Hashem in every single moment of our life, following in the ways of the tzaddikim of yesteryear and the mashpiim of today's day and age. LPI reinvigorates yidden, helping them to love Life, Torah, our fellow Yidden, fellow tzaddikim, and, especially, the Borei Olam Himself.

Mendel R.

Miami Beach, Florida

LPI has provided amazing material (The Inner Dimension, Chassidus Daily, etc.) to help inspire me for a more meaningful connection to my Judaism and davening. Looking forward to much more! Please keep it up! Wishing you much strength!"

Stan R.

Cape Town

With the help of Hashem I was privileged to learn from the Sefer Kedushas Levi this past year and have my life changed by the words of the Berditchover Rebbe. All I wanted, from the moment I started learning the sefer, was for the world to know the words of the tzaddik - what I thought was an impossible task. But the LPI, with its plethora of content and different programs, has truly done the impossible. They have spread the light of the Berditchover and the many talmidim of the Baal Shem Tov. The world now has the opportunity to tap into the words of the tzaddikim and experience Torahs which previously might have felt out of reach for some. We are now afforded the chance to unlock doors we never knew were even there to be opened! Thank you Rav Yaakov for continuing to accomplish this amazing feat!

Jacob B.

Queens, NY

The Lost Princess Initiative is amazing! I look forward every day to seeing the new videos and content which are sent. It is so inspiring that so many teachers, musicians and mashpiim are talking about and spreading the light of the Holy Baal Shem Tov and his students. Geula fever!

Moshe N.

Bet Shemesh

LPI helped me rediscover my longing for HaShem and reminded me that HaShem is longing for me too!


I am incredibly grateful to Yaakov and the wonderful LPI for spreading Chassidus in this meaningful and relatable way. I remember commenting to a Rebbe of mine about a year ago that Chassidus is what will take the Jewish People to wherever it is they need to be next. Little did I know that LPI was already laying the groundwork for the realization of that vision. Ashrecha and thank you!

Uri P.


When so many Jewish neshamos are in a catatonic state so that Torah and mitzvot have become meaningless acts with no spiritual ramifications, the Lost Princess Initiative is holy therapy to revive the soul and restore its connection with our Creator. The bite-size pieces of Chassidus which are easily understood and absorbed are perfect for the constantly-on-the-run generation who have no patience for anything lengthy and involved. It is my feeling that without a doubt Hashem is releasing this light into the world as a precursor to ushering in the redemption and the revelation of the joy in basking in His light.

Shulamit D.


LPI is a really wonderful group that gives you a very vital dose of Chassidus every day. Rabbi Klein is a real gem of a neshama, someone who is a real eved of every Jew who comes to him, generous with his time and able to listen, teach and inspire like very few in this world are able. His mastery over Chassidus is always apparent and it is a genuine exciting joy to hear him speak on any topic, and makes you realize how essential - even obligatory - it is to learn Chassidus, why it really should be our main perspective on the Torah and Hashem, and what this is all about.


'Kol Ha'olam Kulo, Gesher Tzar Maod...' 'The whole world is a very narrow bridge..'
Until a few months ago, these words meant nothing more to me other than that cute song we used to sing with hand motions on Shabbatonim. Upon my recent discovery of the Lost Princess Initiative; I am being shown, I am being journeyed with, and I am being taught how to walk this very narrow bridge of life with balance, with energy, with holy confidence, with joy & with vulnerability. But more than anything- with the Master of the World Himself. The beauty & depth of the Tzadikim's teachings that R' Yaakov Klein is sharing with us in his warm & most encouraging way has opened up for me a treasure chest of holiness and clarity in these dark and confusing times. LPI empowers me on a daily basis with the message that each and every one of us has the ability & the courage to combat the darkness inside, and around us by connecting to the G-dliness in every moment of existence. The domino effect of this way of living is beyond words. 
With tremendous gratitude to all the chevra at the LPI, 
Devorah Miriam 
United Kingdom 

Rabbi Yaakov Klein has opened his heart to hear the silent (and not so silent) call of our generation: We need more connection!! Connection to ourselves, connection to Hashem and connection to Torah and each other. He is successfully inspiring thirsty souls with enriched content that is aflame with his passion for spreading the Emes! Yes, we can each learn to cherish our role in this beautiful world through learning Chassidus. R' Yaakov is attentive to each person - really listening and responding, and makes us, the readers, feel like partners. This makes providing feedback feel like a cooperative celebration!

May Hashem provide Reb Yaakov, and all of us, the openness and willingness to keep moving forward on this spectacular journey.

Rachy F.

Lakewood, NJ

"If all the seas were ink and all the reeds were pens it would not be enough stress the utter importance of the work the Rav Yaakov Klein is doing to spread light, love, and emes to the masses through seforim, music and sharing deep Torah in short, digestible online formats.

As a Jewish educator, I am inspired by the content and impressed by the ease of share-ability of it. And as a truth seeker always striving to be a bas aliyah, I am excited by the wisdom and the deep discussions that pour forth from sharing it. Yaakov Klein deserves a 'groisse shkoyach' for his hard work and may he be blessed with the means to continue and expand it.

Rivka Pesha A.



A Movement for the Soul of Yiddishkeit.

In an age ripe for a spiritual renaissance, LPI is focusing a spotlight on building a deep and vibrant relationship with Hashem.


"The world tells stories to put people to sleep. I tell stories to wake people up."

 - Rebbe Nachman of Breslov


In the year 1806, Rebbe Nachman began telling his legendary stories, "Sippurei Maasios". The first of these tales, "The Lost Princess", tells of an epic quest to locate a princess abducted from the king's palace and return her home.

The Lost Princess is an iconic symbol for the soul, connection, and joy that have become lost in the personal and communal religious experience.

Our mission is to provide a compass of inspiration and encouragement for a searching generation. Together, we will rediscover the soul of our tradition.

Book and workbook mokcup

A Life-Changing Spiritual Excursion

THE LOST PRINCESS INITIATIVE is an educational platform founded upon twenty-five principles derived from R' Yaakov Klein's seminal work on Rebbe Nachman's story, "The Story of Our Lives". These principles are explored in great depth in the Lost Princess Principles Course, an innovative online program based on the book.

THE STORY OF OUR LIVES is a wide-ranging guide to weathering the ups and downs of a passionate journey toward inspired living. A veritable textbook on the theological revolution of Chassidus and its relevance to the challenges of the modern era, this groundbreaking work presents a compelling argument for the need to dig deeper in our individual and communal engagement with avodas Hashem.

THE LOST PRINCESS PRINCIPLES COURSE is a seven-week program based upon The Story of Our Lives. In fourteen online sessions, R' Yaakov Klein leads diverse groups of spiritual seekers on a remarkable journey through his sefer, examining twenty-five core principles that emerge from the book's sixty-six life-lessons and the original texts from which they derive.

Treat your neshama, and dive in to a world of depth, clarity, and sweetness.

Nothing will ever be the same.

Explore our rich resources and discover a new way of thinking about Torah, yiddishkeit, and Hashem for our generation.


The Principles

The Lost Princess Principles of Inspired Living are twenty-five micro teachings that form a life changing system conveying the most profound lessons of the Chassidic tradition.

Inspirational Videos

Mini-shiurim on the teachings of the tzaddikim featuring leading Mashpiim devoted to spreading the inner light of Torah to our generation.

My Journey to the Princess

Have the teachings of p’nimiyus haTorah enriched your relationship with Hashem? Inspire others with your story today!


Teachings from the Chassidic masters.

Chassidus Daily Quotes

A comprehensive quote library from the works of the tzaddikim, categorized by topic.


Explore articles from our Mashpi’im on the movement toward Chassidus and various topics.

Learn More about the Movement!

The Tale of The Lost Princess

There was once a king who had six sons and one daughter. The daughter was very precious in his eyes and he loved her very much. He took very great delight in her. On one occasion, when the king was together with her on a certain day, he grew angry with her and threw the…

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A Modern Experiment in Chassidus

Approximately seven years ago I was approached by a group of individuals who were sincerely agonizing over the state of their commitment to Judaism. Although they had been raised in Orthodox homes and had attended fine yeshivos, they shared in common a general, painful awareness that “something inside had died;” leaving them observant and learned, but…

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Chai Elul 5779: And the Sun Continues to Rise

“And those with understanding hearts walk around and around, tasting, at all times, small droplets from that great sweetness of the Heavenly Delight which illuminates our eternity.” Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaKohen Kook zt”l “On the way to the bar, one also needs a drink.” Chabad Anthem Perhaps the most famous and foundational anecdote in Chassidic lore…

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Rekindling the Flame

A prince once lay dying, and seeing that the doctors could do no more for him, the frantic king sent for a tzaddik known to be a master of medicine. The tzaddik told the king, “There is one cure that might help him. There is a rare precious gem that, if crushed and mixed into…

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Just One Thing is Missing: The Soul

The Rebbe of Piacezna, R’ Klonymous Kalman Shapiro, z”ya, was approaching his fortieth birthday: “My heart pounds from my impending fortieth birthday, my entire body shakes from my oncoming declining years. Still, I will try to muster all my strength to commit myself and my life to G-d. Perhaps, perhaps, something will remain. But to what…

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An Important Exchange

This back and forth between Rabbi Shafran and Rav Moshe Weinberger took place in the pages of Mishpacha magazine following their article on the movement toward Chassidus entitled “Meeting the Baal Shem Tov in 2018.” These important letters broaden the conversation by presenting some of the possible challenges to this movement and the counterpoints. A…

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Meeting the Baal Shem Tov in 2018

The Netzach Yisrael beis medrash on Mesilat Yosef Street in Kiryat Sefer looks like any other shul dotting the city’s Torah landscape, but it contains one of the best-kept public secrets of this staunchly Litvish town: The 120 avreichim who comprise the kehillah are actually closet chassidim. They still maintain their Litvish dress and haven’t…

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Spiritual Abuse

We are living in a time of increased sensitivity toward abuse and its victims. In recent years, we have been empowered to speak up about how emotional deprivation in childhood has affected our ability to function in the real world. In recent months, we have been empowered to speak up about how physical abuse has…

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The Essence of a Movement

The Shavuos edition of Mishpacha Magazine carried  a lengthy article about the rejuvenation of Chassidus throughout the Orthodox world that sparked much discussion on social media. Two weeks later, Mishpacha printed  a counterpoint  written by Rabbi Noach Shafran of Baltimore, alongside Rabbi Moshe Weinberger’s response. Earlier this week, Rabbi Weinberger elaborated on that response in…

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