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WE ARE ALL aware of the yeridas hadoros our generation is experiencing. But our tzaddikim taught that this reality is only an illusion. Beyond the surface, there is a remarkable aliyas hadoros - the souls of our generation are incredibly elevated and yearning for an exposure to a level of Torah that will enable them to transform the darkness into light. Indeed, as Yishai Ribo sings, "Yeridat hadorot, kanir'eh hasibah l'aliyat haTorot" - it is in direct response to the challenges of our times that Hashem sent the remedy in the form of the tzaddikim and their glorious teachings.

The selections offered in this pamphlet, excerpted from "The Story of Our Lives", R' Yaakov Klein's groundbreaking treatment of Rebbe Nachman's The Lost Princess, explore this national thirst in a clear and comprehensive manner, making the case for an educational adjustment on an institutional level.

We hope you find this pamphlet thought-provoking, and that it helps start this imperative conversation in our communities.

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לע"נ יונית ליאת לב

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