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We are on a quest to wake our holy nation to the beauty, wonder, and joy of our tradition. Partner with us today and bring redemption - both personal and general - nearer for thousands of thirsting souls around the globe!

Your donation to the Lost Princess Initiative enables us to transmit the words of our greatest tzaddikim in a beautiful, professional, and impactful way. Every dollar you give translates into hope, clarity, meaning, connection, seeking, yearning, God-conscious prayer, and eternal joy for our wondrous generation. Join us as we attempt to break down the final walls before Moshiach with our greatest weapon - the inner light of Torah! Thank you, and tizkeh l’mitzvos!

The Lost Princess Initiative is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization.


Please indicate in the comment section below if you would like to dedicate your donation L’zecher Nishmas, Zechus for a Refuah, or any other reason. Thank you, and tizkeh l’mitzvos!

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