Has your life been enriched by Chassidus?

Here's Your Chance to Pay it Forward.

OVER THE PAST thirty or so years, thousands of Jews from across the entire spectrum of Orthodoxy have experienced a paradigm shift in their approach to avodas Hashem, relationships, and life in general facilitated by exposure to the consciousness of p’nimiyus HaTorah and Chassidus. A veritable revolution has been underway for decades, recently picking up considerable speed and momentum.




FOR THE MOST part, however, this revolution remains a silent one. Because of the personal nature of this inner shift, many thousands of souls desperately thirsting for the life-giving teachings of the tzaddikim are simply not aware of the relevance in what is unfolding all around them. If they have heard of “Chassidus,” perhaps they assume it is inaccessible to someone like them, or that it only speaks to a different kind of Jew. As a result, they never discover what it is that they have been searching for all their lives, the “Lost Princess” of religious life - the passion, soul, vitality, connection, faith, vibrancy, relevance, sweetness, and love they so desperately seek.



The solution? We need to spread the word!

In order to get the message out, LPI is collecting video accounts from Jews of every age, background, and affiliation who have discovered the princess of inspired living in the teachings of penimiyus haTorah. These videos are hosted on our website and promoted widely over our social media channels to give a voice to all those who feel that the teachings of Chassidus and penimiyus HaTorah have transformed their avodas Hashem and enriched their lives in a considerable way. With the help of Hashem, this special project enables the broader Jewish community to recognize the scope of this movement as well as the breadth and depth of the impact the Chassidic consciousness is making on the final generation before the coming of Moshiach.

My Journey to the Princess enables you to give back to the tzaddikim whose teachings have changed your life! This is your chance to express your gratitude to Hashem for enabling you to discover a world of meaning, depth, and relevance; a way of seeing our holy tradition in a completely new and refreshing light.

Entry Guidelines:
    • Video should be shot in a landscape format (horizontally) in a quiet setting and should not exceed five minutes.
    • Some of the points you might want to touch upon in your message - what was your first exposure to Chassidus/Penimiyus HaTorah? How has your life changed since discovering the path of Chassidus/Penimiyus haTorah? Which seforim/resources do you feel most drawn to and why? How would your life be different without the teachings of Chassidus/Penimiyus HaTorah? Which teaching of Chassidus has had the greatest impact on you?
    • We are primarily looking for video entries, but written entries are accepted as well (should not exceed three paragraphs.)
    • LPI reserves the right to edit all written and video entries.
Submission Information:

To submit your entry, please send your video via Whatsapp to 347.391.8819, together with your name and a good quality picture. You can also submit your video using a sharing service such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Google Drive to

Written submissions may be sent to as well.


Thank you, and Tizkeh l'Mitzvos! Together, we can change the world!