An elevated tefillah experience!

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov describes Tefillah as being "the primary source of vitality." But in the rush of daily life, we don't often get to taste the true sweetness of the avodah sheb'leiv Tefillah is intended to be.

In the coming months, LPI will coordinate with shuls and yeshivos around the world to facilitate Sunday morning LPI Deveikus Minyanim. Deveikus Minyanim will offer a full morning of inspiration and passionate tefillah, featuring:


  • A phone-free, talking free atmosphere (per attendee commitment).


  • Pre-tefillah Chassidus study and recitation of l'sheim yichud's and other prayers (Pasach Eliyahu, Noam Elimelech's tefillah, parshas Ha'Akeida and others). Special booklets will be provided with materials, translations, and explanations.


  • An appropriately paced davening which allows for time to focus on the meaning of the words. The davening will be loud and passionate and will include all parts of tefillah (korbanos etc) as well as the various tefillos recited after davening (Parshas HaTeshuvah, Parshas HaYirah, Man, 13 Ikkarei Emunah, Sheish Zechiros, and others.)


  • Davening will be followed by spirited dancing, a gala breakfast, and an LPI sale featuring books, swag, and other inspirational materials.


Stay tuned for more details on this special project!