“While on a journey, I told a story.

Whoever heard it had a thought of repentance.”

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WITH THESE TIMELESS words, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov zy”a introduced The Lost Princess, the story that would ultimately become the most famous of his legendary tales.

In his groundbreaking book, The Story of Our Lives, R’ Yaakov Klein reveals how Rebbe Nachman’s remarkable short story contains the seeds of a unique path to avodas Hashem tailor-made for our wondrous generation.

A veritable textbook on the theological revolution of Chassidus and its relevance to the challenges of the modern era, this seminal work presents a compelling argument for the need to dig deeper in our individual and communal engagement with avodas Hashem.

Expansive, thorough, and well-sourced, this book's systematic presentation of many foundational concepts in penimiyus haTorah will excite the mind just as the 66-life lessons explicated in its pages are sure to uplift, encourage, and inspire. Most significantly, this book deepens and broadens the thought of repentance this story inspires, introducing the reader to a transformative vision of the spiritual journey.


The Story of Our Lives is a compass that will guide you along the long, difficult, and ultimately liberating quest for the soul of our tradition. Overflowing with universal wisdom necessary for each new chapter in the story of our very own lives, this book is one to keep at your side throughout the entirety of your journey toward the quintessence of living. Bon voyage!

The hardcover edition of The Story of Our Lives is currently sold-out. We have more copies coming soon to Amazon.com and stores near you! In the meantime, the softcover is still available (and cheaper!)

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Turn Torah into Tefillah!

The Lost Princess Prayer (Tefillas Bas-Melech) is a wide-ranging tefillah companion to "The Story of Our Lives".

This beautiful work provides the reader with the unique experience of "davening" each chapter of the book, ensuring that we are immediately able to implement the lessons on an emotional level. Taken as a whole, this tefillah presents a concise review all of the foundational concepts presented in "The Story of Our Lives", leaving the reader refreshed, realigned, reinvigorated, and recalibrated with our Jewish essence within - the Princess of Youth!


Leading Rabbonim, Lecturers, and Mashpiim React to "The Story of Our Lives":

Enjoy a sample of The Story of Our Lives!

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Excerpts from the book at the heart of a movement

Readers share their experience

A Transformational Journey

Each page of this incredible work is another step in our respective journeys of life, equipping us with the necessary tools to navigate life’s many obstacles and experience the most meaning out of life and our relationship with our Father in heaven.

Reb Yaakov Klein does an incredible job of weaving together various sources and ideas into the beautiful tapestry that is Rebbe Nachman’s “The Lost Princess,” developing an elucidation which, more than simply translates and explains the text, brings the story to life.

Every person who opens this book will find the warmth, guidance, and love of Rebbe Nachman illuminate their lives and add a burst of light and depth in this often dark and cold world.

You have never read a book like this!

When I first became religious, a book was given to me by a non-jewish class mate who's aunt, like myself, converted. In that book was the story of the Lost Princess. In there, Rebbe Nachman says that he went on a journey and told a story that inspired thoughts of teshuva. This book, the Story of our Lives takes that from the perspective that we as individuals are on a journey, and we told a story-our story which inspired thoughts of repentance.

I appreciate this book's psycho spiritual analysis on the classic story from Rebbe Nachman. That we are the viceroy on the journey to find our own inner lost princess of our youth. Our core. What makes us US! Reading this has certainly given me an "umph" in my step, to bring youth and simplicity back to my relationship with the creator. This book is difficult to put down. Since reading this book, the fire burns ever so bright. The reawakening of that long ago felt "engagement" period with the Divine has put some "pep in my step". A return to the childlike faith in Hashem has been like a breath of fresh air. Go ahead, purchase this long awaited book, read the first chapter, then go outside and look at the sky. I bet you haven't looked at the sky like that in a long time.

I couldn't recommend this enough. Everyone should read it, even those who are content with themselves. Especially those who are content with themselves.

Thank you Yaakov Klein.

You have Toiled, you have found, and you have shared this special gift. You put your soul into this book, and now its our turn as readers to put our souls into this book as well.

 The Most Treasured Book I Own

I have read "The Story Of Our Lives" in its entirety and the net worth I am left with is simply overwhelming.
This book is one of the most intelligent investments a person can expend. Grab It! It is a very wise move to put this on the top of your priority list. Trust me, by the time you get to reading it, you will be saying "How come I didn't read this sooner". The gain is undeniably long-lasting and eternal. Additionally, I thoroughly encourage doing the accompanying webinar course with it. You will be investing in yourself - the greatest thing you can do. I really mean it. I sincerely know it will alter your relationship with yourself, husband, wife, kid(s), friends, enemies, annoyances, and mostly G-d in the healthiest way. See it for yourself.
Wishing you the most wonderous discoveries!

Paradise In This World

Perhaps you're rolling your eyes at the title of this review.
I would have too, before reading this book & taking the course.

Do yourself the biggest favour & gift yourself with this treasure chest. It will reveal everything you know already. You just needed someone to write the story of your life.

Friends, let's sing this galus goodbye.

Gr8 book to gain clarity, insights and a language for all that stuff you carry around inside

The legend, stories, and wisdom of Rebbe Nachman is known, but so many (like me) haven't found a path to access it. This book is a fantastic first step (or maybe a new step for you) to dig very deeply into one story - the story of the lost princess. It's a great tool to set aside any skepticism and dive deeply into YOUR journey to that quiet, still, deep place inside where all your insights live. Enjoy the journey.

 Wonderful learning experience

Simply put, this book is a pleasure to read and study. I am on the first pass, presumably of many more to come, and have learned many insights and have gained many ideas and concepts to think about. Even if one is not a product of the yeshiva system or Chassidish (yet), there is much to gain from from this very approachable book. Buy it now and you will be so much the better for it.


"The story of our lives" truly encapsulates what true living means and would/should look like. Every chapter, page, and line embodies the deepest most sweet words that touch the sole and speaks to the essence of our beloved generation. I truly believe if this Sefer is spread and learnt throughout the world, moshiach will be bursting through the doors! The passion and fire this Sefer brings is exactly what we all need!

Beautiful and incisive

Be warned: this book is not for the faint-hearted. Reb Yaakov wastes no time. Within just the first few chapters, be prepared to see the very words that your soul has been crying out to you for months or even years, written plainly on the pages before you, impossible to ignore. There is much to be gained through this storytelling process, and Reb Yaakov makes it accessible for readers even with little to no background in chasidus, kabbalah, or the teachings of Rebbe Nachman zy”a. Even if you don’t typically read with a pen/highlighter, you may find yourself grabbing for one as you read holy words that pierce you to the very core. Enjoy the journey.

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