Global Princess-Minyan Database

Welcome to our global database of Princess-oriented shuls and minyanim!

While all shuls are miniature Batei Mikdash and there are many paths to spiritual fulfillment, Princess-oriented chevra seek minyanim that can suit the cravings of our particular souls - an atmosphere of Penimiyus, warmth, avodah, simcha, and a palpable sense of Hashem's Presence.

LPI is in the process of compiling a global database of "Princess Minyanim", shuls that are bursting with the spirit of youthful passion, excitement, wonder, and soulfulness that we so desperately seek. If your minyan fits the description of "a Carlebach minyan, a "shteibel", a "nussach Sefard minyan", or a shul that is founded upon the derech of the Baal Shem Tov and his students", please click below to enter your information into the database and join our international network!