Consciousness of Exile and of Redemption


If you have a heart, my brother, it is important that you listen to our words. If your soul desires to serve Hashem in the truest sense, focus your concentration on our words well, for they emerge from the Mikdash, from the stream of the sifrei penimiyus upon which our redemption depends. We shall walk, in our words, in a way that is brief instead of lengthy, relying on your heart – that you will process them in truth and with deep listening and create a place for them in your heart, if yours is indeed a heart of truth. It is fitting for you to review this opening discourse many times, for its primary fruit will emerge upon entering your heart, and it is a matter that can be acquired only with much review. May Hashem be our assistance, amen v’amen.

Many sefarim have been written about avodas Hashem and the elevation of man, and all who thirst for the word of Hashem – to become bound with our Creator in a faithful way – learn and study these holy works. As for us, we have not come to argue – only to add on to these works regarding an extremely great portion that has arose in our generation; the foundation and nature of the souls in the final generation.

The matter discussed in this discourse are founded strongly in the sifrei penimiyus, and its trustworthy sources are the Zohar and Tikkunim, as well as the words of our holy teachers, the princes of Yaakov, elevated angels who illuminated the world with the awesomeness of their perception. We are dust – we have not come to originate anything, for we are only drawing on these streams of salvation, from those words that have been written for the final generation. May Hashem be our assistance.

In order to help you understand this matter, let us begin to speak without engaging in lengthy introductions.

To be continued…


Rav Reuven Sasson
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