Focus well on the mystery expressed in the verse, “The heart of a king is in Hashem’s Hand, He turns it whatever which way He desires.” (Mishlei 21:1) Hashem’s Governance clothes itself within the hearts of human beings, awakening desires and mighty movements – for example, the desire to seek a land and establish a kingdom. Through this, humans are doing Hashem’s Will despite their obliviousness to the nature of the awesome act they are facilitating and its true import. This is the might of Hashem’s influence that reigns sovereign over all; even within the hearts of human beings, the Singular Master is working, in His mighty awesomeness, to bring redemption to the world.

However, it is the way of man to present logical explanations for his desires and actions, for man is an intelligent being and doesn’t act without intention. Thus, when Hashem stirred up a desire in the depth of the nation to return to our Land, rational, intelligent people came to explain the reasons for this desire and built an entire world-view to express the nature of their desire and efforts. However, in truth, they neither truly understood nor descended to the depth of the true implication of  our return to the  Land – grabbing, instead, at a feeble ideology that deals only with the external implication of returning to the Land – the perspective of secular Zionism, whose tenets are completely peripheral to the resettling of the Land, such as the concept of asylum and so on.

Even if there is some truth in these tenets, they are relevant only to the external distinction between exile and redemption. In truth, they neither bring us closer to the essence of the redemption and its lofty, divine implication, nor do they cause the awesome spiritual structure to appear in Eretz Yisrael as when our days will be renewed like old, as is fitting for Hashem’s People – a holy nation – a structure which draws upon the streams of prophecy and will shine forth the lights of the soul and eternal life within the framework of our living in our Land.

With the redemption of am Yisrael, an awesome and mighty spirit will return to appear within a nation that is powerful and mighty in its national “body”. The Zionists certainly envisioned and dreamed about this body, but the awesome soul, its powers, its impact, and the rectification of the world that it will bring about, they neither saw nor understood. Like those who walk in darkness, they did not understand the workings of Hashem or the actions of His hand.

Thus, these human beings approached and constructed whole intellectual structures which did not ultimately explain what they truly wanted in the inner recesses of their being.[1] Even if there were seeds of truth in this consciousness, such as the desire to be a mighty, secure nation that is not subjugated to the nations of the world, there were yet many blemishes and deficiencies in this consciousness that arose as a result of the lack of awareness regarding the true source of this movement. This caused many difficult challenges in the life of the nation, because the expressed and developed ideology does nothing to align the nation with its true mission. Thus, the moment its objective of settling and developing the Land was accomplished, the nation was left in a state of abandonment, without vision or a way forward – unable to  identify the paths that will enable them to solve their issues and meet the challenges that arise.

However, this was all from Hashem, for, like a child without any awareness, the nation had begun walking on the path toward their redemption. The true redemptive movement was sourced in Hashem’s Hand, in accordance with the Elevated Governance of He Whose ways are hidden and concealed from all human beings despite its materialization through them and their ways. It will not rest and it will not be quieted until the light is revealed and we will awaken to the end, when our blind eyes will open to see the goodness of Hashem in the Land of Life, to recognize and declare with all of our hearts: “Here is our God and our Savior to whom we have hoped.”

[1] Oros p. 63.

Rav Reuven Sasson
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