In truth, although our exile began with the loss of consciousness which then caused our banishment from the land, the redemption must come about in the opposite order as alluded to in the words of Yechezkel brought above – first the return to the Land, and then the appearance of consciousness.[1] It is obvious and indeed necessary that this would be the order, for it is impossible to attain the consciousness of redemption anywhere other than Eretz Yisrael whose air makes one wise. (Bava Basra 158a) Therefore, the matter necessitates that we enter the Land and only then receive the consciousness of redemption, “Mochin d’Gadlus”. This may be likened to a small child who first becomes accustomed to performing the mitzvos and only then becomes ripe for the understanding of Torah and the depth of the mitzvos. Without their fulfillment, it is impossible to understand their depth.

The same applies to the subject at hand. It is impossible to grasp the depth of the redemption and its illumination without entering the Land, the place of the redemption and the receptacle for its influence. Therefore, the elevated Governance caused for us to be brought to our Land – first devoid of an expansive and magnified consciousness with which to understand and plumb the depths of the significance of our return to the Land, and then cause to be born within us the true understanding that would make clear the significance of our lives and our path in Eretz Yisrael as well as the complete redemption.

Understand this important foundation: Hashem’s Hand is revealed in this world through two modes of governance: Revealed miracles, such as the exodus from Egypt, and the processes of nature, or “Hidden miracles”, Hashem’s concealment within the orders of nature. In truth, the Hand of Hashem is alone what controls all – even when it appears that circumstances came about through human means, the ways of nature, for the heart of kings is in Hashem’s Hand, and it is He who causes processes to occur, in order to manifest His will into actuality through human beings and their efforts.[2]

There is a clear distinction between the revelation of Hashem in a miracle and His revelation within nature. A miracle is revealed, and everyone is able to understand that this is from Hashem. However, when He is revealed through nature, a method of concealment, it appears that it is human beings who are arranging things and causing events to occur.

So it is in the final generation – the entire operation of the ingathering of the exiles appears like something that was achieved through the efforts of man. However, in truth, it is the Hand of Hashem that controls all who caused this awesome turn of events in the proceedings of nations and kingdoms. Indeed, in the last century, nearly all the world’s nations have been shaken up and transformed in some way – all in order for am Yisrael to return back to their Land. If you will look with a discerning eye upon the great revolutions in all the nations during this period of time, you will see the incredible wonders of the Hand of Hashem that controls all, along with its messengers – in order to manifest the Elevated Will which spoke positively on behalf of am Yisrael, to return them to their Land.

[1] See Zohar Vol. 3, 21b.

[2] See Daas Tevunos of the Ramchal in many places (see se’ifim 34-56), Klach Pischei Chochmah 1, Yahel Ohr of the Gra, Shelach, 157b “d’inun”, Aderes Eliyahu of the Gra, V’zos HaBeracha #2, and Be’er Yitzchak ad loc. “Ish Elokim” and “Asher”, Bi’ur HaGra to Tikkunei Zohar 82b, “M’yad”, Leshem Shevo V’achlamah, Sefer HaKllalim 2:3:5, and Oros p. 29. In Toras HaChassidus, this is a foundational concept that is presented as a given.


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