It is known from countless sources in the Zohar and other works of penimiyus that in time to come, the interiority of the Torah will be revealed in all of its light and with the full might of its elevation, and that it is by way of this revelation that am Yisrael will be redeemed from exile amidst abundant Mercy.

The explanation of this is bound with what we have discussed thus far. The secret of penimiyus haTorah is that it is the Torah of the Shechinah. It is not a Torah that speaks to individual sparks and specific souls, but a Torah that speaks to the entire body, the secret of the Shechinah, for the purpose of mapping out the inner avodah and guiding souls from the standpoint of their being cells and limbs of the Shechinah instead of engaging in avodah in an individual way, for their own personal rectification.

This is the depth of what is constantly discussed in every corner of penimiyus haTorah – the secret of “L’shem yichud Kudsha B’rich Hu U’Shechintei”, the importance for one to intend for his actions to rectify the Shechinah, and not his own individual identity. This is the secret of “avodah tzorech gavoah” (avodas Hashem fulfills the ‘needs’ of Heaven) discussed in sifrei penimiyus[1] – the concept of an expansive service, for one to serve Hashem out of the inner recesses of the soul which not only isn’t distant from the Shechinah or from am Yisrael, but is in fact literally carrying out the service of the entire nation from amidst its own portion, just like a cell performs its functions for the sake of the overall functioning of the body – this being the entire purpose of the cell’s existence.

This is the stature of life during the period of redemption, bound with the dwelling of am Yisrael in their land; the lifestyle which is discussed in works of penimiyus haTorah – the secret of “avodas haShechinah”, instead of the service of each cell as it exists independently. The essence of the redemption hinges on this point, on our returning to live life on this level, and it is one and the same with the teaching that redemption depends on the Sefer HaZohar and the revelation of the Torah’s hidden secrets.

To be continued…

[1] See Rav Meir ben Gabbai’s Avodas HaKodesh, Vol. 2. 


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