My eyes are open
My soul reawakens

Everything holding me back
Has transformed into a limitless launch

The pain I held in for years
My silent, heavy, seemed-as-directionless tears

Were rising all along
Raising the world in bitter-sea song
שירה מרים
My name – my essence

One tear closer
One moment forward
One day closer


“Redeem me!”
I screamed
I’ve been through enough swimming in the dark air
I’ve chased enough fading clouds
I’ve jumped enough, slipped-without-clarity enough
I’ve been ashamed
I’ve been torn apart by the things most lovable
I’m so shaken up

I hope to feel Your Love
I believe in Your Love

I seek Your Love

I desperately need to

Reach Your Love
Bask in the light of Your Glory, Hashem

Oh Dearest Father,
Everything is changing within me
Around me

I have no more questions
I don’t request answers

I just want Your Presence to hold me

I just want You near

Differences align me suddenly



Stop the overtired dreaming!

Let it out to Your Creator
He is our home!

“Redeem us!”
I sang and danced.
I felt so high, I crashed into a burning cry

Redeem everything that was tied to nothingness and anything that feels its place is lost.

We need You, Hashem! Bring the light on!

Shadows fade away
My open eyes

A breathtaking feeling overcomes me
Peace droplets surround me
A light-force so untamed
Real, natural

Love, Hashem
Your Everlasting Redeemer

I was always redeeming you, each second from the bonds of the last
Every moment from the pain of the past

I am Hashem your G-d

I will never let you go
So PLEASE hold on
Even when you’re weak and cold
I will warm you

Love, Your Father, Your King
Your biggest supporter

Shira Perles
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M Neustein
9 months ago

Really incredible poem!! Read it on Tisha Be’av and gave me true inspiration.

Last edited 9 months ago by M Neustein