A Fresh Change of Clothing

Jul 21, 2020 |

“…And he shall take the ashes… and place them beside the Mizbeach. He shall then take off his garments and put on other garments…” It is commonly assumed that “breaking our traits” or “overcoming our desires” is imperative to spiritual growth and attaining the completion of character for which we were sent down to this world. The Baal Shem Tov and his students revealed a new path toward the service of God for the last generation before the ultimate redemption.…

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The Depth of Shabbos Hagadol

Jul 22, 2020 |

This Shabbos is known as “Shabbos HaGadol”, the “Great Shabbos”. Several reasons have been offered for this special title, which appears in the Zohar HaKadosh, throughout the ages. The following are a few ideas from the tzaddikim to keep in mind this exalted Shabbos. 1. A basic explanation for this term is found in Tosafos (Shabbos 87b) who explains that on the Shabbos before the Jewish nation left Egypt, 10 Nissan, each Jewish family brought a lamb into their homes…

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